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PostSubject: Finally!!!!!!!   March 10th 2013, 5:17 pm

Today i bought the last Treeschnid bark needed for one of my proffs.

Have been collecting for 5 proffs atm,

Everything except a few small resoursers has been lumber/mined/farmed/gathered by me for several weeks actually a few month since I only have like 3-4 hours a day to play :/

These Proffs are going from * to 100.

Jewellry (Atm lvl 80)
Staff Carver (Atm lvl 80)
Wand Carver (Atm lvl 84)
Bowcarver (Atm lvl 67)
Handyman (Atm lvl 0)

The only thing left to to is to start crafting Very Happy

Estimated value on all resourses is about ~90mk and all of this are gonna be crafted and then crusched lol

Over and out
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PostSubject: Re: Finally!!!!!!!   March 10th 2013, 5:33 pm

oh god that is some epic stuff right there! Grats <3 way to go!! and GL
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